Lesson Programs


Our lesson program runs seven days a week, from 9:30 a.m. until early evening. Being a private facility we have the luxury of flexibility in our schedule. All ages are welcome from rookie to competitive athlete.

For our beginners the program itself involves learning ground basics, horse care and how to tack up. Starting on the ‘lungeline’, riders get their balance and confidence, allowing them to develop correct basics, before being turned loose to ride independently. Riding time for beginners range from 30 minutes to an hour.

Looking to compete? We offer a diverse and refined coaching program to develop you and your horse in and out of show ring. 

All of our lesson horses are World and/or National Champion Paints and Quarter Horses that do one lesson a day each. This quality of lesson horse makes for easier, more enjoyable learning in order to confidently develop your skills through each level.

Riders learn all the ‘flat’ disciplines of English and western-equitation, pleasure, competitive trail, showmanship, etc. that we would compete in at horse shows. Freedom Farms is one of very few ‘one stop shop’ facilities – we can take riders from beginner to World Champion with each session being coached exclusively by Jodie.

The facility includes an indoor arena, heated viewing lounge with amenities, and ample ‘ mudfree ’ parking. We also offer lessons at our home facility if weather allows. We ask you arrive 15-30 minutes prior to your lesson start time in order to groom and tack your horse.

Offsite Lessons & Clinics

Jodie travels off-site for coaching and clinics as her schedules allows.  

Join me Tuesday nights for All things Ranch Horse hosted by Norma Siebert’s beautiful Windsum Enterprises on 216th in Langley. 

Most weeks  also include coaching at Arabian Discovery Farm Flightline and Murray Creek Ranch, home of several significant Quarter Horse and Paint stallions.

Clinics this year are scheduled for Kat Wake in 100 mile, as well as Vancouver Island and a big Spring Break Showhorse Bootcamp here at home; they cover disciplines from Showmanship to Hunt Seat Equitation to Ranch Horse. If you would like to host a clinic with Jodie please inquire.

We also host our monthly Cowboy Challenge to help develop and desensitize your horse or pony so keep your eyes open for scheduled dates on our Facebook page!